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You never know what's around the bend

Its Christmas time. Although I'm not feeling overly joyous about the whole thing, I'm thrilled to have a couple weeks off from work. Its been a long time since I've just sat around, watching the grass grow. It isn't a bad thing, I feel the need to recharge the batteries, I've been pretty busy keeping up with two jobs - Omnimount (day job) and the music, band business,

Speaking of music business, I've been doing really well, staying busy this season. Its been coming in spurts. Done a few things I haven't done in a long time. Had a road trip to Farmington, NM and played a gig with the Lounge Katz, which was pretty painless.  Did 3 Christmas caroling gigs. The easy kind, just me and my guitar. Again pretty painless.

Still want to find a few more gigs for the upcoming months. I've got 5 or 6 per month, but would like to find a few more. I keep ads on the internet and sending out emails to oldies band saying I'm available. The way thing are going, who knows... 

Merry Chistmas everyone!!


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