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Dan Wiebe

Singer, Bass Player

I love playing bass. There is nothing like locking into a groove and holding down the bottom end. I've played electric bass for over 20 years, and upright bass for the past 5 years. A good bass player is the foundation of a band, everything revolves around a steady groove. Playing in a small trio, you've got to fill it up, or in a larger band keep it simple and stay out of the way. I've played with both, and understand the difference. Playing without drums is okay too, I can keep tempo and groove on my own. 

My past experience has been playing primarily corporate, private events, doing popular rock and roll, instrumental jazz, country, Latin and reggae. I'm comfortable as a duet, trio, can add a lead tenor vocal, or share in three part harmony. I've played with guitar and keyboard players, there is a difference in the way you play. I'm especially comfortable with guitar players, I can watch and read guitar chords on the fly.

I'm all about being in a band. Sharing musical ideas, the comradery, laying down a solid groove, singing lead or harmonizing, its a great feeling that is hard to put into words. I feel so fortunate that I'm able to have the talent, and able to make great music.

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