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Midway through the snowbird season

Well I think we're about half way through the snowbird season. I notice my schedule starts dropping off around mid March. But until then I'm going gangbusters.

Had some great things happen in the past few months. New Years Eve was a great success, and we've found that our trio with Dave, Jim and I can be very effective. We're able to pull off a number of Beach Boy tunes, and with Dave filling in on keyboard its been pretty smooth. Johnson Ranch really likes us and we're scheduled to go back a few more times in the spring. the've also asked me to do a few nights of solo cowboy tunes, which has been fun.

The Southwest Surfers is struggling a bit, Mike Gerry has left our group, but has been replaced John Janke. We've been rehearsing to get John comfortable with our music, but through him into the fire for his first gig for a 600+ crowd at Viewpoint RV resort. It was rough around the edges but it all worked out. I'm sure about the time the season is over he'll be sounding great. John is a great singer and will definitly add another strong vocal to our group.

I'm starting to get a few calls for next year. which means hopefully the Southwest Surfers will get a little more traction in the marketplace. The Activity Directors I've talked to are very excited for us and think we'll bring in the right kind of music as their crowds get younger.

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