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I'm going through a funky period.

I'm definitly going through a funky period. Looking for some direction. Got lots of irons in the fire. Running ads looking for band type stuff. Looking for venues to do my solo act, and auditioned as a part time music director for a Lutheran Church. I'll know more next week about the position.


I was hoping the Southwest Surfers would pick up a few corporate events, but so far in the last year and half we've played one. We've been a big hit in the East Valley playing for the retired folks at RV parks, etc. Maybe this season we'll pick up the pace a little, and get more corporate stuff.


Spent some time last weekend getting out and listenning to a couple of solo acts in my part of town. The venues were full of people which is good to see. Don't see a economic slow down at these places. One guy was playing tunes I'd never heard. But the crowd seems to know them and were mouthing the words. Which brings me to another topic for another day. What kind of tunes does a solo act play for a typical happy hour crowd? The other guy was playing the standard crowd pleasers - songs that I recognized.


Would like to play in another oldies group. Funny how I wasn't always excited about playing with Exit 40 band, but I'm starting to miss it. So I'm running ads...maybe something will pop up. It only takes one good lead to really get rolling again. 


Funny how life is. I've been on a roll for the past year. But suddenly thing came to screaching halt. Hopfully not for long...but I need to light the fires and get my butt out into the music scene again.







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