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 Danny's Funeral Music

Playing music for funerals has always touched my heart. Being considerate, kind, and respectful seem to be most important on these days. Music can bring a quiet feeling of joy, and add energy to an otherwise solemn service. Sometimes it can break up a eulogy of speakers and ministers, and offer a different form of prayer. Song has a way of changing the mood of the service. I'm also glad to sing at the grave site.

A partial list of songs I've had requests for are listed below. I've been doing church music for many years and know many Catholic/Christian songs and hymns. If you have other songs in mind, there's a good chance I may know them. I'm easy to work with!

List of Funeral Music:

Please go to my music demo page to listen to many of these songs

Amazing Grace

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord's Prayer (Our Father)

Danny Boy

On Eagles Wings

Shepherd me O God

You are Near

When You come back down

I can Only Imagine

My Life is in Your Hands

The Power of your Love

Be Not Afraid

How Great thou Art

The Potter's Hand

You Raise me Up

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