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Tryin' to keep up the Ho Ho Ho

This Christmas season has put me in some unlikely places and I've been running into old musician friends. Most of them I've known for more that 20 years and played gigs with them in my younger days. It?s been great to catch up and hear their stories. In many ways I'm jealous and that I didn't continue to pursue my passion of playing music as they have. But when I was younger, I was blest to be surrounded by some incredibly talented people. Musicians that had more God given musical gift in their little finger than I had in my whole body, and it made me aware of my level of musical talent.  I came to the conclusion that I would never be the same caliber of player, nor did I have the focus or drive to become a great musician. These guys always made it look so easy!

Now that I'm older and wiser I know I made the right decisions. Developing a good occupation, raising my family, and playing music part time was the better road for me. I'm still excited about every gig I play...I've never suffered from burn out, and it?s still my favorite pastime!

Last week I had a Pastor ask me what would make this Christmas season extra special for me. I think I've found the answer, it's pretty simple. Just visiting with old friends and realizing, I've been extremely blest. That the roads I've followed were the right one's for me and to find solace, knowing I'm doing just fine according to God's plan.


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