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I need to blog more

Wow just reviewed some of my old blogs...its kind of like a journal. But I need some new stuff, so here goes.


I spent last season playing with Timeless Melodies, the Southwest Surfers, and the Exit 40 Band. Between the three groups I was averaging 10 gigs a month, which is pretty good for a part time player. Danthemusicman has taken a back seat. But last week while hosting a family retreat I did a couple of hours of solo stuff. All the tunes are still there and I can do it at a moments notice, so don't think I disappeared.


I've enjoyed doing the band thing again. I like the comradere and vocal harmony. The Beach Boys thing has been a blast and we're really hoping it will do well this coming season. the Exit 40 band has been an interesting surprise. We do dance music for the older crowd, and they really like 50's and 60's music, mixed with some country. Its pretty fun.


I did learn something new this summer. I've been playing upright bass now for a few years. I purchased a beautiful instrument, and love playing it. I joined a jazz/blues group so I could play it more. But I've found out I'm not the musical type that can just be the bass player in group. It gets really boring and its just not fun for me. I need to be entertaining and singing. So now I'm looking for an acoustic group that has good vocals and needs an upright bass player. It could be an interesting combo and I'm not exactly sure what kind of music will work. I do love vocal harmony and one good instrumental soloist. Stay tuned for more news on this front.


Well that's about it. My calendar this coming season isn't looking as busy as it has in the past, but I sure hope the phone keeps ringing.


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