Dan the Musicman

Live Musical entertainment



Danny's Background



Singing, playing guitar, being involved in anything musical 

has been my ambition and passion for the past 30 years.

I began playing guitar at eight years of age, learning songs

from the top 40 radio stations. Being with friends,

playing music, meeting girls, I have no regrets, 

and lots of great memories.


I sing lead or harmony vocals with a tenor voice, smooth,

rich, with good intonation and a natural vibrato.

I am able to sight read staff music, chord charts or create

charts from recordings. I have compiled a substantial

music library over the years and always have it available

to play a special song or request. Playing music that people

enjoy really gives me personal satisfaction in what I do. 


For a number of years I studied as vocal music major in

college performing operettas and musicals, while also

working in nighclubs in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Later on I worked as a singing waiter with a musical

group called "The Barnstormers" at the Windmill Dinner

Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona. During the 80's I was

fortunate enough to record a double album of spirit

filled Christian music.


I am a proficient guitar player, comfortable on 

classical, steel string, or electric guitar. I'm also a

great upright or electric bass player, and now my new

favorite, ukulele. Through my 20's and early 30's

I supported myself performing for nightclubs and many

private/corporate functions, playing guitar/bass, 

working alone, as a duet, trio, or with a band.


 I practice daily, and record at home in my small studio.

Having a diverse talent I get calls to perform at weddings,

funerals, senior care facilities, public venues, and

private events. I also play and sing with a variety of bands. 


I've collected a substancial amount of music gear over

the years; a nice sound system, lighting gear, guitar

and bass rigs, many guitars and basses. I do most of my

own repair and maintenance, tending to find used

gear and refurbish it.  


 Staying grounded, keeping my priorities in focus, beginning

each day with a positive attitude, and thanking God for my 

blessings are my primary goals. I'm an easy goin' guy,

always aiming to please, open to the ever changing 

entertainment arena, hoping my musical talents will

be appreciated, and ready to do what I love to do

best... play music.